How to Prevent Piles

Unless you have suffered from piles before, you cannot know just how painful it can be. Hemorrhoids, otherwise spelt hemorrhoids, are unbearably painful veins that occur in the anal rectal area and are often accompanied by bleeding, pain, and uncontrolled irritation. The common cause of hemorrhoids is strained bowel movements and prolonged constipation. Things such as excessive use of laxatives, obesity, and unhealthy eating habits, when coupled with things such as pregnancy (which exerts unnecessary pressure in the anal rectal region), constipation, and strained bowel movements can increase the risk of getting hemorrhoids.

So how do you treat and prevent the occurrence of these painful and unbearable hemorrhoids? Note that they can start out as a tiny growth from the anus and if they are neglected for a significant period of time, they can become excruciating. Seeking urgent medical attention immediately symptoms related to hemorrhoids starts to show is therefore very important and can never be overemphasized enough.

It could surprise you to know that the answer to this intolerable problem could be on your day-to-day diet. As previously mentioned, the leading cause of hemorrhoids is constipation so if you are able to avoid it then you will be well on your way to a hemorrhoids free life. Ensure your diet is made up of foods rich in fiber such as salads and raw fruits, fresh vegetables etc so as to keep the bowels healthy and functional all the time.

By the same token, you should practice colon cleansing techniques and use colon cleansers such as the natural and widely used oatmeal which has proven very effective in cleaning the rectal walls. If you don’t like oatmeal, rest assured there are enough colon cleansers in local and online drug stores. Preventing hemorrhoids is also about drinking enough water throughout the day to facilitate digestion and help in bowel movements.

There is also enough reason to believe that hemorroids can be caused, or an otherwise mild condition can be worsened by heavy lifting hence if you are able to avoid lifting heavy stuff then you can prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids in your life. This is good advice for your whole body because heavy lifting can exert unnecessary pressure on your spine and lead to backache, not to mention the risk of causing a hemorrhoid flare up.

Last but certainly not least, you need to exercise on a regular (if not daily) basis so you can prevent and control hemorrhoids. By exercising regularly and coupling that with a well balanced diet, you can rest assured you will relieve so much pressure off your anal region, of course keeping hemorrhoids at bay. It goes without saying that exercising and eating right is healthy for not only your rectal area but also for your whole body so take your time to eat right, exercise, and drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated all the time and to flush out harmful toxins.