Piles in pregnancy

Piles During Pregnancy Can Be Cured

Women who suffer piles during pregnancy can expect the circumstance as a result of complexity or sprain when they have bowl actions. The main reason behind spraining is constipation. If a good diet is retained then there should be no sprain involved in it. Those women have poor diet they had been prescribed iron supplement so that it can help in healing the constipation.

If you want to follow the diet then you need to eat fresh fruits as well as vegetables. Not only the above things will help you but the whole grains or fiber also provide relief and help in encouraging a free and smooth intestinal system. You need to keep one thing in mind and that is: you should not blend the food together. For example, if you want a better and proper digestion then you can eat fruits with oatmeal or toast in morning and you can eat vegetables with starch or protein. You need to take some precautions so that you are not affected by the disease and sometimes piles during pregnancy happen due to our few mistakes, if we won’t do the mistakes then there is a very less chance of occurring piles. When we eat various types of food altogether such as meat, vegetables and starch, then it becomes problematic for the enzymes in the bowels to break the food in an accurate way and also digest the food. Due to the above stipulation the constipation occurs. Trying to remove the constipated results in pressure and thus sprain occurs on the blood vessels in the anal area and using bandanna in the area makes the area inflamed as well as hemorrhage. So, if you do not do the above things then you will be safe from piles and for instance it happens then if you won’t repeat the thing, which is mentioned above then you will be save from the redness and its related issues.

Piles are ordinary disease from which the pregnant women suffer; hence they have to suffer from pain for the above disease. So, there are various procedures which can help to heal the pain that has been occurred due to piles. So, here are few tips mentioned which assist to treat piles in pregnancy.

The first step you need to take is to buy a sits bath. Sit bath is a bowel type of item, which can be located on the top of the toilet. You can fill the bowel with Luke warm water and then you can sit in it to lessen soreness and swelling. If you do not want to purchase sit bath then you can utilize your daily bath.

You can use witch hazel. If you borrow a bottle of witch hazel and put it to refrigerator to make it chill so that you can use it. You can pour few drops of hazel into a cotton ball and then you can apply the ball in to the pile affected area. This medicine will help to decrease swollen, pain and itchiness. One thing you can do is you can clean up the pile area, you must use moisturize wipes so that you clean up the area as fast as you can.

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